Media report Biden likely to authorise US military action in the Middle East

<p>Via Sky News:</p><ul><li>As early as tonight, President Joe Biden will authorise US military action in the Middle East.</li><li>He could attack the group responsible, but that will seen by many back home as weak and not striking the heart of the problem: the group's patrons in Iran.

Also on the Pentagon's list of options, action against the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps in the region outside Iran or, attacking Iranian assets within its borders.</li></ul><p>Via Politco:</p><ul><li>Among the options on the table for the Pentagon: <ul><li>striking Iranian personnel in Syria or Iraq or Iranian naval assets in the Persian Gulf, according to the officials. </li></ul></li><li>The Iranian government, for its part, has suggested that a strike on Iran itself would be a red line. The officials suggested that, once the president gave the go-ahead, the retaliation would likely begin in the next couple of days and come in waves against a range of targets.</li></ul>

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