BlackRock Investment Institute upgraded its US stocks outlook to overweight, from neutral

<p>Some summary notes from the rperot:</p><ul><li>sees S&amp;P 500 upward momentum continuing for the next 6 to 12 months</li><li>see slowing inflation and rate cuts from the Fed</li><li>tech-driven (AI excitement) should broaden out "as inflation falls further, the Fed starts to cut rates, and the market sticks to its rosy macro outlook"</li><li>"Markets are pricing a soft economic landing where inflation falls to 2% without a recession" </li><li>"stay nimble" and are "ready to pivot," as current market conditions could create a wide range of uncertainties</li></ul><p>Wary of later this year and ahead</p><ul><li>
"We agree with markets that inflation will fall near 2% this year, helping the upward momentum extend into the year. Yet inflation is unlikely to stay there in the long run,"</li><li>citing "too-hot" U.S. wage growth</li><li> "That means inflation will likely roller-coaster up toward 3% in 2025"</li></ul>

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