Vantage Revamps CFDs Offering, Targets Asian Indices for 2024

<p>The Retail
FX/CFD broker Vantage announced today (Wednesday) changes to its indices CFD product
offering for 2024. As part of the revamp, Vantage will introduce CFDs on the
Straits Times Index (STI) and Taiwan Stock Exchange Index (TWSE) in addition to
existing indices offerings.</p><p>Vantage Expands CFDs
to the company's press release, the goal of the expanded product range is to
provide traders with more cost-effective indices CFD trading. Key features of
Vantage's indices CFD offering include <a href="">leverage</a> up to 500:1, tight spreads, a
wide range of markets, and <a href="">negative balance protection</a>.</p><p>"The
expansion of our CFD products offering on indices reinforces our dedication to providing
traders with a reliable and comprehensive trading experience that sets us apart
from the competition,” said Marc Despallieres, the Chief Strategy &amp; Trading
Officer at Vantage.</p><blockquote><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Explore over 25 global tradable indices with Vantage's all-in-one trading app, right at your fingertips!

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