US stocks open higher. Higher closes for 8 straight weeks

<p>US stock trading for the holiday-shortened week is off and running. The major indices are all trading modestly higher led by the Nasdaq index. The week starts with the major indices up for 8 consecutive weeks. </p><p>A snapshot of the market currently shows:</p><ul><li>Dow Industrial Average up 24.7 points or 0.07% at 37412</li><li>S&amp;P index of 10.68 points or 0.23% at 4765.40</li><li>NASDAQ index up 55 points or 0.36% at 15045.</li></ul><p>US yields are trading mixed:</p><ul><li>2-year yield 4.377% +3.7 basis points</li><li>5-year yield 3.903% +1.5 basis points</li><li>10 year yield 3.907% unchanged</li><li>30-year yield 4.055% -0.4 basis points</li></ul><p>Forex rates are trading quietly:</p><ul><li>EURUSD is trading in a narrow 25 PIP trading range (average over last 22 days is 71 pips)</li><li>GBPUSDh as only a 39 trading range (average of the last 22 days is 94 pips)</li><li>USDJPY is only a 44 pip range versus is average of 163 pips</li></ul><p>In other markets:</p><ul><li>crude oil is up $1.90 or 2.6% at $75.47</li><li>gold is up $2.56 or 0.13% at $2055.20</li><li>Bitcoin is trading at $42,671. On Friday it closed at $44,002.</li></ul>

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