US stocks continue its move higher

<p>The major indices are all higher as the market melts up ahead of the key earnings. Next week the likes of Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Alphabet will all report. After the close today Tesla, IBM, servicenow, and Lam Research will announce their earnings. The fear of missing out may be helping out.</p><p>Both the S&amp;P and NASDAQ index are working on their fifth consecutive day to the upside. The S&amp;P index has closed at new record levels for three consecutive days.</p><p>A snapshot of the market currently shows:</p><ul><li>Dow Industrial Average up 68.64 points or 0.19% at 37977</li><li>S&amp;P index of 30.83 points or 0.63% at 48 95</li><li>NASDAQ index is up 167.89 points or 1.09% at 15594.67</li></ul><p>Shares of Microsoft are up 1.32% today and that has taken its market above $3 trillion. </p><p>Shares of Nvidia are surging by 3.44%, and trades at a new record level.</p><p>AMD shares are reversing higher after corrective moves over the last few days. It shares are up $9.34 or 5.65% at $177.70 and trading at a new record level.</p><p>Meta shares are up 2.32%.</p><p>Google/Alphabet that are up 1.87%.</p><p>Netflix is up 12.83% after they announced a surge in subscribers.</p>

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