US equity index futures dragged lower by falling stock prices for Alphabet & MSFT

<p>Earnings announcements from Google and Microsfot. </p><p>Alphabet (AKA Google) Q4 2023 (USD): </p><ul><li>EPS 1.64 (exp. 1.59), </li><li>Revenue 86.31bln (exp. 85.33bln)
</li></ul><p>Microsoft Q4 2023 (USD): </p><ul><li>EPS 2.93 (exp. 2.78), </li><li>Revenue 62.02bln (exp. 61.1bln)</li><li>Cloud revenue 33.7bln (exp. 32.31bln)</li></ul><p>Both of the shares have dropped, as has the ES:</p><p>The ES spent the day not doing a real lot and has now managed a new low compared to RTH. Every time it visited the top of Monday's value area it bounced, but is now having a good attempt at it.</p><p>NASDAQ, lower of course</p><p>It won't be long before everyone throws their hands in the air and says "Let's wait for the FOMC!" (due at 2pm US Eastern time on Wednesday, 31 January 2024)</p>

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