US DOJ charges 3 people in a $1.9bn cryptocurrency scam

<ul><li>The US Department of Justice has filed criminal charges against two people and the guilty plea of a third person for orchestrating a worldwide $1.9 billion cryptocurrency Ponzi fraud scheme known as HyperFund, among other names.
The US Securities and Exchange Commission, in a related civil action, charged two of them </li><li>The DOJ alleges that from June 2020 through November 2022, Lee and his co-conspirators sold investment contracts online through HyperFund’s platform and claimed that investors would earn returns of between .5% and 1% each day until their original investment was either doubled or tripled through revenue from large-scale crypto mining.</li></ul><p>Info via CNBC</p><p>There is a never-ending supply of gullible people for these scams. </p>

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