TrueLayer Partners with Tiger Brokers UK to Transform Account Creation

<p>To enhance the efficiency and ease of account creation for
online trading platform users, Tiger Brokers UK Ltd has collaborated with TrueLayer.
The partnership introduces TrueLayer’s Signup+ product to streamline customer
onboarding and funding processes for Tiger Brokers' clientele in the UK.</p><p>Tiger Brokers UK Unveils Express Feature</p><p>Effective immediately, Tiger Brokers users in the UK have
the option to opt for the “Express” feature, powered by Signup+, during the
creation of a Tiger Brokers CFD account. This feature allows users to select
their bank, enabling their identity data to auto-populate in the form. </p><p>As a
result, the manual entry of personal and bank details is eliminated, provided
that other Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements have been met.</p><p>Mark Goater, Director at Tiger Brokers UK, expressed
enthusiasm about the partnership, stating: “Finding the perfect balance between
compliance and user-friendliness in the onboarding process for brokers is a
significant challenge. Thanks to <a href="">TrueLayer</a>, we’ve
successfully streamlined this experience. Now, Tiger Brokers UK clients can
enjoy a more efficient onboarding and deposit process, significantly reducing
the time and effort required.”</p><p>Tiger Brokers UK prides itself on providing a tailored
trading experience to individuals from England and Wales seeking access to <a href="">Contracts for Difference
(CFDs)</a>. The company's mission revolves around <a href="">UK</a> investors, regardless of
their expertise level, to take control of their investing journey. </p><p>Addressing the Growing Demand for Fast Onboarding</p><p>The integration of TrueLayer’s Signup+ comes at a juncture
where users increasingly demand expedited and trustworthy onboarding
experiences. According to a survey conducted by TrueLayer in partnership with
YouGov, nearly two-thirds (63%) of financial services customers in the UK are
only willing to spend a maximum of 10 minutes creating an account before
abandoning the process.</p><blockquote><p lang="en" dir="ltr">⏩ <a href="">@Tiger_Brokers</a> UK has chosen to partner with <a href="">@TrueLayer</a> to streamline customer onboarding and the deposit process. Read more at the

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