These 3 Altcoins Are Ready to 'Breakout' In February 2024! – Michael Van De Poppe

<p>"Hmm is this popular crypto analyst's prediction going to be or not?"</p><p><br /></p><p>Leading cryptocurrency analyst Michael Van de Poppe shared his view on the future of altcoins in February 2024 after the approval of the spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETF managed to push the price of BTC and several digital assets up slightly.</p><p><br /></p><p>In his X account, Poppe, who revealed the main altcoins to buy or sell in 2024, shared a chart illustrating the price movements and corrections of Solana (SOL), Polygon (MATIC) and Chainlink (LINK).</p><p><br /></p><p><br /></p><p>Through the analyst's observation, the price of SOL is able to fall to $80 first before continuing to rise to a new high of $140 while the movement of MATIC is predicted to be bullish at $1.25 or $1.50 even though its performance has not been good lately.</p><p><br /></p><p>Poppe also expects a significant increase for LINK where he believes that the digital asset has consistently held the most important level and this means that the price can reach $25.</p><p><br /></p><p>It is well known that Poppe also listed altcoins that have struggled to gain traction, among them the slow growth of Ethereum (ETH) which has adversely affected many altcoins including Synthetix (SNX).</p><p><br /></p><p>Even so, there are Arbitrum (ARB) and Polkadot (DOT) that Poppe predicts will experience significant price increases in the future, where DOT could surpass $15 despite its current price trading at $7.</p>

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