South Korea Q4 GDP +0.6% q/q (vs. +0.5% expected) and +2.2% y/y (expected +2.1%)

<p>South Korea's economy grew in
the fourth quarter
of 2023 at the same pace as the previous
Q4 2023 GDP S/Adj +0.6% Q/Q (Reuters Poll +0.5%)</li><li>Q4 2023 GDP +2.2%
Y/Y (Reuters Poll +2.1%)</li><li>Q4 Private
Consumption S/Adj +0.2% Q/Q</li><li>Q4 Construction
Investment S/Adj -4.2% Q/Q</li><li>Q4 Facility
Investment S/Adj +3.0% Q/Q</li><li>Q4 Exports S/Adj
+2.6% Q/Q</li><li>Q4 Imports S/Adj
+1.0% Q/Q</li><li>2023 GDP +1.4% Y/Y
(Vs +2.6% In 2022)</li></ul><p>

This is encouraging news from South Korea, preliminary economic growth data for the final quarter of 2023.</p><p>The +2.2% y/y is the best since Q3 of 2022.</p>

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