SafeMoon and Litecoin: Litecoin again above the 75.00 level

<div><img width="750" height="430" src="" class="attachment-post-thumbnail size-post-thumbnail wp-post-image" alt="Litecoin Price Rebounded with Key Upside Level to Watch – Finance Brokerage" decoding="async" loading="lazy" /></div><h1><b>SafeMoon and Litecoin: Litecoin again above the 75.00 level</b></h1>
<li aria-level="1">SafeMoon price continues to move sideways today.</li>
<li aria-level="1">Litecoin&#8217;s successful price support at the EMA50 moving average managed to push the price back above the 75.00 level.</li>
<h2><b>SafeMoon chart analysis</b></h2>
<p>SafeMoon price continues to move sideways today. We get support at 0.00004400 and resistance at 0.00004800 level. The bigger picture tells us that we are still in a <a href="">bearish trend</a> and will continue to pull back unless we see a break above the 0.00004800 level. Potential lower targets are the 0.00004200 and 0.00004000 levels.</p>
<p>We need a positive consolidation and a price jump above the 0.00004800 level for a bullish option. Then, we would have to hold up there and form a certain bottom in that zone. After that, we can expect to see bullish momentum and price action. Potential higher targets are the 0.00005000 and 0.00005200 levels. Additional resistance in the zone around the 0.00005000 level is the EMA50 moving average.</p>
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<h2><b>Litecoin chart analysis</b></h2>
<p>Litecoin&#8217;s successful price support at the EMA50 moving average managed to push the price back above the 75.00 level. Thus, a two-week high was formed at the 75.67 level. We are still holding in that zone, which could give birth to a new bullish impulse and jump to higher levels. Potential higher targets are 76.00 and 77.00 levels.</p>
<p>We need a negative consolidation and a pullback below the 74.50 level for a bearish option. In this way, we would go down below yesterday&#8217;s high and we would return to the previous movement zone. That would disappoint the bullish supporters, and the price would continue to pull back, looking for better support. Potential lower targets are 73.50 and 73.00 levels. EMA50 moving average is in the zone around 72.50 levels.</p>
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