PBOC releases 6 measures to support Hong Kong's role as a financial hub

<p>China with sopport for Hong Kong and Hong Kong marekts: </p><p>If you can't see the screenshot:</p><p>China's 6 policies to support Hong Kong's role as a financial hub:
1) Expanding the transborder investment channel called Bond Connect between Hong Kong and the mainland's financial markets, starting on February 26.
2) Bonds under Bond Connect will be included as Eligible Collateral for HKMA's yuan liquidity arrangement, starting on February 26.
3) Foreign investors can participate more in domestic bond repurchase businesses.
4) Will ease cross-border payment rules within the Greater Bay Area for Hong Kong and Macau residents buying homes in southern China
5) Will expand the scope of Shenzhen-Hong Kong cross-border credit investigation cooperation pilot projects to facilitate cross-border financing by both enterprises
6) Expand the e-CNY scheme's pilot in Hong Kong.</p><p>From Twitter @Sino_Market</p>

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