Nuvei Corporation Integrates Adobe to Enhance Payments in eCommerce

<p>Nuvei Corporation and Adobe have joined forces to enhance eCommerce payments. This partnership aims to simplify payment
processes for businesses operating on Adobe Commerce, allowing them access to new
markets. </p><p>Jason Knell, the Senior Director of Content and
Commerce Partnerships at Adobe, mentioned:
"After a record-setting holiday season for eCommerce, businesses are
having to adapt quickly to keep up with customer demand for personalized and
convenient online shopping experiences." </p><p>"By working with <a href="" target="_blank" rel="follow">Nuvei</a>, Adobe Commerce provides
merchants greater flexibility in the payment experience for consumers shopping
online and across B2B channels."</p><p>Nuvei Integrates Payments with Adobe</p><p>According to Nuvei, Adobe Commerce's customers can
access the company's payment suite through a single API integration. This
new platform enables B2B and B2C businesses across various sectors, including
retail, manufacturing, technology, and healthcare.</p><p>Nuvei's API integration encompasses a range of
regional alternative payment methods totaling 680. This ensures Adobe
Commerce's merchants can offer localized and tailored payment experiences.
Additionally, this single integration facilitates international expansion for
businesses.</p><p>Beyond alternative payment methods, Adobe Commerce's
customers can leverage Automated Clearing House transactions in the US. This
addition aligns with the accelerating trend of account-to-account <a href="">payments</a>,
presenting new opportunities for B2C and B2B transactions.</p><p>Enhancing Global Payments</p><p>Recently, Nuvei <a href="" target="_blank" rel="follow">partnered with the tech giant Microsoft</a>
to enhance global payments. The focus of this collaboration is to optimize
transactions in the Middle East and Africa to streamline how businesses and
customers connect.</p><p>The partnership leverages Nuvei's
global payment capabilities to offer optimized authorization rates, <a href="">risk management</a>, and access to diverse local alternative payment methods
through a single integration. </p><p>Additionally, Nuvei and Microsoft target new use
cases and potential integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365, the technology
suite for business applications, Finance Magnates reports. Both companies aim
to enhance their commercial relationship by offering solutions for businesses
operating globally.</p><p>Last year, <a href="" target="_blank" rel="follow">Nuvei entered into a partnership</a> with Curve.
This collaboration aims to elevate user experience, trim operational costs, and
propel Curve's expansion plans into new territories. By tapping into Nuvei's
payment technology, Curve is gearing up to optimize card payments and introduce
various alternative payment methods to its digital wallet. </p><p>Additionally, integrating Nuvei's technology enables
Curve's users to access a range of alternative payment methods. Nuvei's
real-time reporting tools will provide Curve with an analytics portal,
offering insights into transactions.</p>

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