Netflix and Texas Instruments announces earnings after the close

<p>Texas Instruments Inc (TXN) Q4 2023 Earnings:</p><ul><li>EPS: $1.49, BEAT expectations of $1.46.</li><li>Revenue: $4.00 billion, MISSED expectations of $4.12 billion.</li><li>Guidance: Q1 revenue projected between $3.45-3.75 billion, below expectations of $4.09 billion. Q1 EPS view is $0.96-$1.16, below expectations of $1.42.</li></ul><p>Texas Instrument shares are trading down -$7.34 or -4.21% in after-hours trading</p><p>Netflix Inc (NFLX) Q4 2023 Earnings:</p><ul><li>EPS: $2.11, MISSED expectations of $2.22.</li><li>Revenue: $8.83 billion, BEAT expectations of $8.71 billion.</li><li>Streaming Paid Net Change: +13.12 million, significantly above expectations of +8.91 million.</li><li>Future Outlook: Expects a sequential decrease in Q1 paid net additions but an increase from Q1 2023's net paid additions of 1.8 million. Sees Q1 EPS at $4.49 (above expectations of $4.09) and Q1 revenue at $9.24 billion (above expectations of $9.28 billion).</li></ul><p>Netflix shares are trading up $19.31 or 4.02% at $511.58 in after-hours trading</p><p>Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) Q$ 2023 earnings:</p><ul><li>EPS $1.60, beat expectations of $1.48</li><li>Revenues $1.93 billion beat expectations of $1.89 billion</li></ul><p>Shares of Intuitive Surgical are trading up $1.49 or 0.40%</p>

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