Nasdaq Sees 9% Revenue Increase Last Year: Nets $3.9 Billion

Inc. has reported impressive financial results for both the fourth quarter of
2023 and the entire year, demonstrating strong growth and resilience in the
face of market challenges.</p><p>Nasdaq's
Strong Fiscal Performance and Fourth Quarter Surge</p><p>In
2023, Nasdaq's net revenues surged to $3.9 billion, marking a substantial 9%
increase over the previous year, with organic growth reaching 5%. Notably, the
fourth quarter of 2023 witnessed a remarkable 23% jump in net revenues compared
to the same period in 2022, totaling $1.1 billion.</p><p>Key
drivers of Nasdaq's revenue growth included a robust performance in its
Solutions segment, which saw revenues increase by 13% annually, with organic
growth hitting 7%. The fourth quarter saw an even more impressive surge in
Solutions revenues, soaring by 32%, with organic growth at 9%.</p><p>Adena
Friedman, Chair and CEO said: “We delivered another strong year of operating
performance in a dynamic economic and capital markets backdrop. We executed
well across our business in 2023, maintaining our listings leadership in the
U.S., achieving a breakthrough year for Verafin in our strategy to move
upmarket, and introducing new innovations across our products and services."</p><p>"We
successfully completed our acquisition of Adenza, bolstering our suite of
mission-critical technology solutions, and accelerating our strategic vision of
being the trusted fabric of the world's financial system.”</p><p>Annualized
SaaS Revenues Climb 26% to Bolster ARR</p><p>Nasdaq's
Annualized Recurring Revenue (ARR) experienced a notable uptick, reaching $2.6
billion, signifying a remarkable 29% increase compared to the fourth quarter of
2022, with organic growth standing at 6%. Annualized SaaS revenues also saw
substantial growth, climbing by 26%, or 12% organically, representing a
significant portion of <a href="">Nasdaq</a>'s
Youngwood, Executive Vice President and CFO said: “I am excited to join Nasdaq
at such a transformational time for the firm. Despite an uncertain environment,
we delivered solid financial performance and strong cash flow generation. With
our acquisition of Adenza now closed, we are focused on achieving our
deal-related financial goals including our cross-sell and synergy targets as
well as debt paydown.”</p>

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