Monday morning open levels – indicative forex prices – 16 October 2023 – small NZD pop

<p>The New Zealand election over the weekend has resulted in a change of government, as expected.</p><p>NZD/USD is up a few points, circa 0.5912 from its late Friday level around 0.5885. </p><p>And good morning, afternoon or evening to all ForexLive traders and welcome to the start of the new FX week!</p><p>As is usual for a Monday morning, market liquidity is very thin until it improves as more Asian centres come online … prices are liable to swing around, so take care out there.</p><p>Indicative rates:</p><ul><li>EUR/USD 1.0513</li><li>USD/JPY 149.46 … ps. check this out from the weekend: <p><a href="" target="_self">IMF: Yen's recent declines are driven by fundamentals, criteria not met for intervention</a></p></li><li>GBP/USD 1.2133</li><li>USD/CHF 0.9018</li><li>USD/CAD 1.3661</li><li>AUD/USD 0.6303 (taking some reelected glory from the kiwi pop)</li></ul><p>The new NZ PM:</p>

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