Major US stock indices all lower on the day now.Yields higher ahead of 2 yr note auction.

<p>After closing at record levels yesterday and on Friday, the Dow Industrial Average and the S&amp;P index are trading in negative territory. The NASDAQ index is also down on the day. Each of the major indices have been up for three consecutive days.</p><p>A snapshot of the market currently shows:</p><ul><li>Dow Industrial Average -186.4 points or -0.49% at 37817</li><li>S&amp;P index -4.43 points or -0.09% at 4846.21</li><li>NASDAQ index -14 points or -0.09% at 15346.75</li></ul><p>Before the open a slew of earnings were released. Johnson &amp; Johnson (-1.60%), GE (-0.94%) and 3M are all trading lower with 3M leading the way at -12.50%. Verizon (+5.52%), RTX (6.23%), Procter &amp; Gamble ( +4.37%) are higher. </p><p>At the close, Netflix and Intuitive Surgical will release their earnings. </p><p>Below is a list of other earning scheduled ahead. Next week, Microsoft, Apple, Meta, Alphabet, Amazon are all scheduled to release on January 31 or February 1. The FOMC rate decision (Jan 31) will make those two days interesting and key the bias going forward. . </p><ul><li>January 24: Tesla, IBM, servicenow</li><li>January 25: Intel, Southwest Airlines, Northrop Grumman</li><li>January 26, Caterpillar, American Express</li><li>January 30: AMD, Pfizer, GM, UPS, Stryker</li><li>January 31: Microsoft, MasterCard, Boeing, Phillips 66, Boston Scientific</li><li>February 1: Apple, Meta, Alphabet, Merck, Honeywell, Amazon</li><li>February 2: Chevron, Exxon</li><li>February 5: McDonald's</li><li>February 6: Ford, Chipotle</li><li>February 7: Walt Disney, PayPal, McKesson</li><li>February 8: ConocoPhillips</li><li>February 9 PepsiCo</li></ul><p>US yields are higher today which are helping to put some pressure on stocks</p><ul><li>two year yield 4.040%, +2.8 basis points</li><li>5-year yield 4.058%, +4.3 basis points</li><li>10 year yield 4.149% +5.5 basis points</li><li>30-year yield 4.386% +10 basis points</li></ul><p>At 1 PM ET, the treasury will auction off $60 billion of two-year notes. It is the first three coupon auctions this week. The U.S. Treasury will auction off 5-year notes tomorrow and 7 year notes on Thursday.</p>

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