JPMorgan To Invest $15 billion Annually In Fight Against Cybercrime

<p>Mary Callahan Erdoes, the leader of JPMorgan’s asset and wealth
management division, discloses an alarming uptick. In a realm where fraudsters are
always upping their game, JPMorgan is investing $15 billion annually to outsmart
hackers and protect its digital kingdom.</p><p>A High Stakes Game of Cat and Mouse</p><p>In the high-stakes game of digital cat and mouse that is <a href="">cybersecurity</a> and cybercrime, JPMorgan finds itself
facing adversaries who grow not just in number but in intellect. Mary Callahan
Erdoes, leading the asset and wealth management division, has sounded the alarm
on an increase in attempts made by hackers and cybercriminals to
disrupt the company’s operations, “The fraudsters get smarter, savvier,
quicker, more devious, more mischievous,” Erdoes said in a panel at the World Economic
Forum in Davos. “It’s so hard and it’s going to become increasingly
harder and that’s why staying one step ahead of it is really the job of each
and every one of us.</p><blockquote><p lang="en" dir="ltr">JPMorgan has seen an increase in hackers attempting to infiltrate its systems as the Wall Street giant and its rivals continue to deal with a surge in global cybercrime <a href=""></a></p>— Bloomberg Technology (@technology) <a href="">January 17, 2024</a></blockquote><p>Spokesman for JPMorgan Joseph Evangelisti later clarified that, “Ms.
Erdoes was referring to observed activity collected from our technology assets,
malicious or not. This activity is then processed by our monitoring
infrastructure. Examples of activity can include user log ins like employee
virtual desktops, and scanning activity, which are often highly automated and
not targeted.”</p><p>Geopolitical Tremors </p><p>In the aftermath of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, global geopolitical
tensions reverberate, triggering a wave of cyber problems in the financial
landscape. Around the world, banks, including JPMorgan, grapple with a surge in
cyber incidents. A KPMG survey (<a href="">PDF</a>)
reveals the overwhelming concern among bank leaders, with over 70% highlighting
cybercrime as a pressing organizational threat. </p><p>In this era of digital upheaval, JPMorgan is certainly taking the
threat seriously, allocating a staggering $15 billion annually to reinforce its
<a href="">cyber defenses</a>.
Within this context, Erdoes also <a href="">stated</a>
that the company had 62,000 “technologists” helping to secure its systems as it
invested not only funds, but human capital to address the problem.</p><p>In the game of cat-and-mouse with hackers, JPMorgan is not just playing
defense, but positioning itself as a tech-savvy fortress in the ever-evolving
realm of cybersecurity.</p>

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