Iran's UN mission reportedly says its armed forces will not engage Israel if not attacked

<p> Al Arabia &amp; Sky News have both reported comments from Iran's UN mission:</p><ul><li>Iran’s armed forces will not engage Israel provided it does “not dare to attack Iran, its interests, nationals"</li></ul><p>While this sounds encouraging it does muddy the waters given the foreign minister made threats in the opposite direction:</p><ul><li><a href="" target="_blank" rel="follow" data-article-link="true">Iran says it will "not remain an observer" on Gaza</a></li></ul><p>Note also that the Iranian ambassador to Iraq denies the above is an official UN communication, but an answer to a journalist.</p><p>—</p><p>Meanwhile a Hezbollah spokesperson also dialling back the rhetoric:</p><ul><li>Sunday’s increase in the intensity of the exchanges doesn’t indicate Hezbollah has decided to fully enter into the Hamas-Israel war. The fighting on the border is “only skirmishes” and represents a “warning.”</li></ul><p>—</p><p>Also:</p><p>NBC reports foreign nationals in Gaza will be allowed to cross into Egypt from tomorrow, as humanitarian aid will be allowed the other way into Gaza via the same crossing.</p>

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