ICE and Sucden Group Forge Alliance to Enhance Trading Solutions

<p>Sucden Group, a commodities trading firm, has
partnered with Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (ICE), the global technology and
data provision platform, to bolster global trading and investment
activities.</p><p>In this collaboration, Sucden aims to leverage ICE's
Portfolio Analytics platform for real-time pricing, trading, and risk
management of derivatives, signaling a commitment to staying ahead in a dynamic
market.</p><p>The Portfolio Analytics platform offers
market data and analytics streaming services. According to a statement by ICE, the platform will enable Sucden to price and
monitor exposure on an intraday basis.</p><p>Enhancing Portfolio Management Efficiency </p><p>Greg Merran, the Head of Portfolio Management and
Chief Investment Officer at <a href="" target="_blank" rel="follow">Sucden</a>, mentioned: "We are on continuous watch
to improve or complement our portfolio management platform. Although we already
have different analytical tools and frameworks to support our portfolio of
cross-asset volatility and correlation positions, ICE's excellence in analytics
and data will further enrich our capabilities." </p><p><a href="">ICE</a>'s Portfolio Analytics, a hosted solution, handles
all computational processes, delivering resulting data directly to Sucden. This
integration of analytical data with other applications and tools ensures
significant efficiencies and simplified workflows for the trading firm.</p><p>Sucden Group Taps ICE for
Derivatives Solutions</p><p>Sucden's front, middle, and back-office teams will
have access to ICE Portfolio Analytics, allowing them to analyze holdings at
both a single security and portfolio level. This access, covering multiple
asset classes, will aid in pre-trade price discovery, decision support tools,
risk management, and analytics.</p><p>Last year, Sucden <a href="">extended its collaboration with Nasdaq</a>, the global exchange powerhouse. The renewed partnership, as reported by
Finance Magnates, enables the company to leverage Nasdaq's technology to
elevate its market coverage and data analytics.</p><p>The partnership enables Sucden Financial to
bolster its real-time monitoring and mitigation of market and liquidity risks
across its diverse trading portfolios, both proprietary and client-based. This
move occurred at a crucial time when financial markets faced increasing volatility
and uncertainty.</p><p>Besides that, the agreement integrates enhanced
controls into the Nasdaq Risk Platform, expanding its market coverage to
include new exchanges in Europe, North America, and Asia. This expansion aligns
with Sucden Financial's commitment to meeting evolving client needs and staying
ahead in an ever-changing market landscape.</p>

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