FXStarterKit by Forexware: A Solution Built for Global Expansion

the fintech arena more than 20 years ago, <a href="https://forexware.com/en/" target="_blank" rel="follow">Forexware</a> is a frontrunner in delivering innovative technology
solutions and White Label platforms for start-ups and well-established brokers
in search of innovation. </p><p>Taking
pride in contributing to the development of one of the first MetaTrader Bridge
solutions in 2004, Forexware is a technology company with a long-standing
history, whose technology underlies the core infrastructures of multiple
reputed financial firms worldwide. Forexware’s game-changing solution for
brokers is the <a href="https://forexware.com/en/fx-starter-kit/" target="_blank" rel="follow">FXStarterKit</a>.</p><p>Developed
by a team of deft engineers and financial industry insiders with background in
fund and risk management, and liquidity provision, the FXStarterKit is an
end-to-end technology bundle that helps brokers relying on MetaTrader
infrastructures such as MT4 and MT5 to access more liquidity. This lends
brokers more flexibility in trade execution and pricing. </p><p>By
enhancing their capacity to execute a higher volume of bulk orders on
aggregated, multi-asset liquidity faster and offer their clients best bid-ask
pricing, Forexware’s FXStarterKit not only helps them to navigate liquidity
challenges but also become more transparent and better manage risk.</p><p>“We
built the FXStarterKit with two things in mind: liquidity access and risk
management,” says Shawn Dikes,
Forexware CEO. </p><p>“Liquidity
is the lifeblood of every broker, and risk management is its oxygen. Our
turnkey solution brings the best of both in a comprehensive technology bundle
built around MetaTrader technology.”</p><p>“Our
liquidity aggregation engine and advanced risk management tools can be tailored
to each broker’s specific needs. Whether STP or DD, the FXStarterKit has the
right solution for any type of broker, plus a comprehensive business plan for
start-up and well-established market players seeking global expansion.”</p><p>A multilevel solution</p><p>As
there’s no one size to fit all, the FXStarterKit comes with two packages for
brokers. According to their scope of business and size, financial firms can
choose between the FXStarterKit DELUXE and the FXStarterKit SUPREME. </p><p>Equally
robust and easy to integrate, both solutions offer varying degrees of
scalability, depending on specific criteria established upon sign-up. Here are
some of the benefits of these slick technology suites:</p><p>FXStarterKit DELUXE, designed for
operational efficiency</p><p>This
‘tool kit’ is designed for start-up brokerages and comprises a comprehensive
selection of tools and a White Label suite designed to offload all the
incorporation and operational complexities to Forexware.
on MetaTrader 4, the FXStarterKit DELUXE equips Forex brokers with everything
they need to get started, from a reliable and secure Forex trading platform to
liquidity, trade reporting, and licensing. Some of its key features are:</p><p>●
onboarding via Forexware’s registration portal</p><p>●
integration of any existing customer base with Forexware’s cutting-edge
platforms, liquidity engine and risk management infrastructure</p><p>●
data security within Forexware’s battle-tested data centres located in key hubs
around the world</p><p>●
Advanced risk
management powered by Forexware technology</p><p>●
24/6 technical
support all the way from integration to implementation </p><p>A
prime software suite, the FXStarterKit DELUXE opens a land of opportunity for
emerging brokers, enabling them to secure a prominent position in the industry
and generate brand memorability. In addition, this agile set of tools provides
some distinct advantages that empower brokers to unlock growth, such as:</p><p>●
Easy branding
of the trading platform and reporting portal</p><p>●
integration with any social trading platform</p><p>●
nurturing, client retention and effective scaling</p><p>This
flexibility makes the DELUXE technology suite a must-have for new entrants to
the retail trading space. </p><p>FXStarterKit SUPREME, built for
global expansion</p><p>The
FXStarterKit SUPREME is an innovative technology bundle dedicated to
well-established financial firms seeking global expansion. A complete solution,
Forexware’s FXStarterKit SUPREME includes, among others, compliance and
accounting services aimed at assisting brokers with company incorporation and
bank account opening. </p><p>To
unleash the benefits of the SUPREME kit, brokers must follow a simple process
mimicking that of the DELUXE suite:
register via Forexware’s portal</p><p>●
integrate their existing customer base with Forexware’s platforms, liquidity
engine and risk management portal</p><p>Seen
as the pinnacle of trading technology, the FXStarterKit SUPREME confers endless
advantages, some of which are:</p><p>●
data hosting in Forexware’s data centres</p><p>●
growth opportunities globally, while Forexware manages risks and provides 24/6
technical support</p><p>●
Consulting and
advisory services provided by Forexware’s specialists to ensure compliant
operation of the broker’s entity</p><p>●
integration with major social trading platforms</p><p>●
Lead nurturing
and retention via the dedicated Broker Portal, which allows for a simplified
customer onboarding</p><p>Feature-rich,
the FXStarterKit SUPREME helps brokers to constantly keep their fingers on the
pulse of their client base by furnishing them with real-time insights that can
be easily translated into action. </p><p>Offering
brokers a comprehensive picture of their customer base, connecting them to
deep, multi-asset liquidity pools, and simplifying the trade reporting process,
the FXStarterKit is a one-stop solution designed for effective global
expansion. </p><p>In
addition, the tailored business plan accompanying each package gives market
players clear oversight over their business growth, empowering them to enter
some of the most prolific Forex markets with their best foot forward. To
explore the FXStarterKit, <a href="https://forexware.com/en/contact-us/" target="_blank" rel="follow">contact

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