FXDD Integrates Autochartist to Increase Trading Efficiency

<p>Global Forex and CFD leader <a href="https://www.fxdd.com/mt/en">FXDD</a>
has garnered industry recognition for its ability to weather the passage of
time and remain ahead of the curve. In a pioneering effort to increase trading
efficiency and facilitate decision-making, FXDD announces the groundbreaking
integration of <a href="https://www.fxdd.com/mt/en/autochartist/">Autochartist</a>. </p><p>Autochartist
completes FXDD’s spectrum of advanced trading tools, giving traders even more
flexibility. Some of the enhancements that Autochartist brings to FXDD’s
trading environment include real-time market insights, a customisable search panel and a built-in price movement scanner alongside cutting-edge risk
management tools, such as ‘Volatility Analysis’, ‘Risk Calculator Plugin’ and a
vast series of educational videos.</p><p>Nowadays, traders are overwhelmed with the
amount of information they receive and tend to filter it out. Brokers are faced
with the challenging task of delivering relevant and up-to-date market analysis
and news in a way that engages and serves just the nuggets of information that
traders need. This is where Autochartist comes in.</p><p>The core benefits of Autochartist include
chart pattern recognition, faster analysis, enhanced strategy development with
the ability to develop multiple strategies simultaneously, more trading
flexibility and real-time alerts/signals. </p><p>Pooling data from top stock exchanges and
bourses around the world, Autochartist prompts real-time insights on a wide
selection of assets, including price movements and sentiment fueling traders’
activity with data they cannot find elsewhere.</p><p>Enhanced
trading experience, one trade at a time</p><p>As a veteran in the online trading space, FXDD
understands the importance of informed decision-making. The incorporation of
Autochartist underscores FXDD’s dedication to equipping traders with
state-of-the-art solutions that empower them to navigate the dynamic financial
markets with heightened efficiency. </p><p>FXDD takes pride in being one of the first
adopters of MetaTrader technology, starting with the early MT3 and continuing
with MT4 and MT5. Over the years, the broker has enhanced MetaQuotes’ popular
trading platform, in alignment with its proprietary bridge and back-end
technology. According to the company’s website, this translates to increased
trading performance.</p><p>The broker places a great emphasis on
education, offering traders a range of educational materials, tools and videos
to boost their trading. These are daily FX analysis, the FXDD blog offering
daily technical analysis on top traded instruments, MT4 1-minute data, an
Economic Calendar, an FX Calculator and Custom Tickers. Alongside these, the
Autochartist integration completes the perfect mix of tools and educational
videos aimed at enhancing traders’ experience.</p><p>Traders can use these tools across all FXDD’s
platforms, including MT4, MT5 and its proprietary WebTrader, which offer exposure to Forex and a diverse
range of CFDs on Stocks, Commodities and Indices. </p><p>According
to Joseph Botkier, FXDD CEO, “The integration of Autochartist is aligned with
FXDD’s mission to improve traders’ experience. This tool further enhances our
platform’s capabilities, enabling traders to unbox opportunities in lockstep
with the markets.”</p><p>“A
robust market analysis and decision-support tool, Autochartist will give our
traders more possibilities to explore, design and launch algo-powered
strategies faster. This new addition to our technology suite aligns with our
mission to constantly innovate and deliver the best trading experience to our
traders”.</p><p>FXDD’s integration of Autochartist marks a
substantial advancement in furnishing comprehensive market analysis and
decision-support tools to traders. The company remains committed to further
expanding its offerings, ensuring traders have the essential resources to
thrive in today’s dynamic financial environment.</p><p>Beyond
technology, a world rife with opportunities</p><p>In addition to these tools, which are
available to both <a href="https://www.fxdd.com/mt/en/premium-and-standard-pricing/">Standard and Premium account users</a>, FXDD
offers exposure to multiple equity markets, including direct connectivity to US
stock exchanges via its Electronic Communication Network (ECN). This allows it
to offer best bid-ask pricing on all its instruments and low-latency execution.</p><p>The standard markup-free spreads and 0
slippage execution have made FXDD a broker of choice for numerous traders
around the world. Earlier this year, the broker introduced on-exchange shares,
fractional shares and futures on its MT5 platform. This expands the financial
firm’s offering beyond the regular OTC markets, turning the FXDD brand into a
bigger player. </p><p>By offering exposure to both OTC and
exchange-traded instruments on the same platform, FXDD enters the big league of
embedded investment service providers. “Adding exchange-traded instruments to
our MT5 environment not only opens the door to savvier traders, it also allows
for cost-effective portfolio diversification”, Botkier added. </p><p>Besides a diversified array of instruments and
trading tools, FXDD is also revered for its customer support, which is
available via email, telephone and live chat in 11 languages. Traders can reach
out to the support team 24/5 and expect a prompt solution to any issue they may
be facing because “Experience matters”, as the broker notes on its website, and
it starts with client support.</p><p>The diverse choice of assets, excellent
support and powerful arsenal of trading tools earned FXDD multiple awards this
year, including ‘Best Customer Service Broker’ at the Forex Traders Summit
Dubai, ‘Most Transparent Broker – Europe’ from Forex Ratings, and ‘Best FX
Provider MENA’ at Dubai Forex Expo. </p><p>Eager to find out more? To test-drive FXDD’s
platforms and learn more about its unique offerings, <a href="https://www.fxdd.com/mt/en/company/">contact
the team</a>.</p>

This article was written by ForexLive at www.forexlive.com.

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