European equity close: Mixed bag as the month ends

<p>European stocks held up better than in the US ahead of the FOMC decision. French industrial data was poor but German CPI was below estimates.</p><ul><li>Stoxx 600 -0.1%</li><li>German DAX -0.5%</li><li>UK FTSE 100 -0.3%</li><li>French CAC -0.3%</li><li>Italy MIB +0.5%</li><li>Spain IBEX +0.5%</li></ul><p>On the month:</p><ul><li>Stoxx 600 +1.5%</li><li>German DAX +0.8%</li><li>UK FTSE 100 -1.1%</li><li>French CAC +1.5%</li><li>Italy MIB +1.4%</li><li>Spain IBEX -0.2%</li></ul>

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