CFI Enhances Online Trading with AI Trading Assistant

a broker in the MENA region, has taken a stance in the realm of artificial
intelligence (AI) technology in 2023. According to officials, demonstrating a commitment
to empowering traders, CFI has been integrating new AI technology into its
Role of CFI's AI Trading Assistant</p><p>Earlier
this year, CFI announced the launch of Capitalise AI, an AI-based trading
automation tool designed to empower traders to automate strategies without the
need for advanced development skills. Building upon this momentum, CFI has now
introduced its own development of an AI Trading Assistant, currently available
in Beta version within its dedicated app.</p><p>The
company aims to revolutionize online trading by adopting innovative approaches
and tools to address key challenges faced by traders, including risk
management, emotion control, simplified information access, and increased
automation. The AI Assistant, presented as a companion to traders, serves a
diverse range of needs, from providing the latest market analysis to
facilitating requests, such as withdrawals and leverage adjustments.</p><p>Recognizing
the overwhelming amount of information available to traders, especially those
new to online markets, <a href="">CFI</a>
aims to educate traders on effectively harnessing emerging AI technology. </p><p>AI
Empowerment: Brokers Prioritize Traders' Experience</p><p>Embracing
the wave of AI integration, brokers are prioritizing the empowerment of their
traders. In a recent development, <a href="">eToro,
a leading trading platform, has collaborated with Deloitte Digital</a> to
seamlessly incorporate cutting-edge AI solutions from Salesforce. This
strategic move aims to elevate customer service standards and streamline
communication processes. Leveraging advanced tools like Copilot and Einstein
GPT, <a href="">eToro</a> is enhancing
the efficiency and precision of its customer support experience.</p><p>The
collaboration leverages advanced AI solutions to transform customer service.
Copilot, an intelligent conversational assistant, streamlines email
communication for agents, accelerating response times and improving service
quality. Meanwhile, Salesforce's Einstein GPT, a generative AI CRM technology,
automates real-time chat responses, integrating with OpenAI's models for
personalized emails and targeted content. </p><p>The
strategic initiative seeks to position itself at the forefront of technological
advancements, with a focus on reducing task execution time, optimizing agent
productivity, and enhancing the overall customer experience. Notably,
Salesforce Ventures' $250 million Generative AI Fund underscores a commitment
to responsible AI development, further cementing eToro's position in customer
service solutions.</p>

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