BMLL Makes Historical Datasets Available on Snowflake Marketplace

<p dir="ltr">BMLL, an independent provider of harmonized data and analytics across equity and futures markets, expanded the reach of its data by making three datasets available via the Snowflake Marketplace.</p><p dir="ltr">Easing the Availability of Data</p><p dir="ltr">Announced today (Thursday), this availability followed the completion of the first phase of its program to increase customers access to datasets and improve their evaluation. The companies highlighted that the availability of the data would help in research, market surveillance, trade and execution analysis, and strategy development.</p><p dir="ltr">“We are witnessing a growing demand for high-quality historical datasets across the industry,” said Paul Humphrey, the Chief Executive Officer at BMLL. “Capital market participants need the highest quality of data, backed by robust engineering processes and delivered to them in a highly consistent, ready-to-use format.”</p><p dir="ltr">“The key to democratizing access to high-quality, best-in-class granular market data is to give market participants choices in how they access this data. Making BMLL data available via the Snowflake Marketplace enables seamless data access at scale in addition to the currently available API and FTP options.”</p><p dir="ltr">An Investor in BMLL</p><p dir="ltr">Snowflake Marketplace, with its cloud-agnostic platform, is focused on accessing capital markets data in a convenient and secure way. The latest availability of <a href="">BMLL</a> data through its marketplace is the result of a partnership between the two inked last September.</p><p dir="ltr">Furthermore, Snowflake is an investor in BMLL, having participated in the data provider's Series B funding round. The funding round last year was an extension of a continued round in which <a href="">BMLL raised $26 million</a> from Nasdaq Ventures, FactSet, and IQ Capital.</p><p dir="ltr">Meanwhile, BMLL is expanding its data coverage by incorporating data from various regions. It has recently added data from the Canadian markets, as well as data from South Africa, including JSE and A2X, in addition to Aquis Stock Exchange. On top of that, it has added APAC data from CBOE Japan, Japannext, and Singapore Exchange, along with Cboe Europe Indices. BMLL has expanded its coverage to include data from Shenzhen Stock Exchange; Shanghai Stock Exchange, and Australia data from ASX and Cboe Australia. Furthermore, it now offers data from FINRA in the US and <a href="">data from three Chinese exchanges</a>.</p>

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