Bitget Announces Support and Development Plan for Bitcoin Ecosystem

Wallet, a Web3 trading wallet, has unveiled a plan focusing on product
research, development, and increased investments. This initiative aims to
provide users with enhanced trading options and an improved overall asset
management experience within the Bitcoin ecosystem.</p><p>Bitcoin
Ecosystem Services: Bitget Wallet's Diverse Offerings.</p><p>Bitget
Wallet's plan encompasses a broad range of services centered around the Bitcoin
ecosystem. This includes support for BTC asset management, cross-chain swaps,
on-ramping for EOA and MPC wallets, Taproot compatibility, and asset transfers
for BRC-20 tokens and NFTs. The platform also facilitates users with insights
into macro and micro market trends through Bitget Swap and offers interaction
with popular projects via its DApp browser.</p><p>Several
Bitcoin ecosystem projects have already integrated Bitget Wallet on their
official websites, including Unisat, ALEX Lab, LifeRestart, and Bitmap
Explorer. The integrated DApp browser streamlines user access to these
projects, fostering increased user engagement and accessibility.</p><p>Looking
ahead, Bitget Wallet plans to focus on the medium to long-term market prospects
of the Bitcoin ecosystem. The company aims to enhance both technological
infrastructure and product features, with particular attention to key areas
such as Lightning Network, Nostr, Taproot Assets, BRC-20, and ARC-20
Multiple Address Formats for Enhanced Transactions</p><p>Bitget
Wallet emphasizes an approach to embracing emerging technologies, including a
prominent focus on the Lightning Network. The platform intends to support
multiple address formats, improve asset transfer efficiency, and introduce
asset swaps between the Bitcoin mainnet and the Lightning Network. </p><p>This
move aims to facilitate cross-chain transactions between <a href="">BTC</a> and EVM assets on
Bitget Swap, providing users with more opportunities for portfolio
Kan, the Chief Operating Officer of Bitget Wallet, underscores the significance of
Bitcoin as the fundamental cornerstone of the crypto industry. Kan emphasizes the platform's
commitment to becoming a key player in the growing Bitcoin ecosystem, providing
users with robust and seamless ways to manage and grow their assets.</p><p>He stated:
"As the fundamental cornerstone of the Crypto industry, Bitcoin is not
only seen as an undisputed benchmark of crypto value but also represents the
innovative spirit of the industry." </p><p>Formerly
known as BitKeep, <a href="">Bitget</a>
Wallet stands as Asia's largest among all-in-one <a href="">Web3</a> trading wallets. With
a five-year legacy, the platform boasts over 12 million users worldwide. </p>

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