US stocks hit the skids as the day works to the close

<p>The major US stock <a href="" class="terms__main-term" id="eb50e0fb-8258-4e43-80e6-8831246f8b37" target="_blank">indices</a> are hitting the skids. Comments from the Lord seem to be weighing on the indices. The NASDAQ index is now down 200 points or -1.67% at 11869. It is also approaching the 100 hour <a href="" class="terms__secondary-term" id="d39a8864-434f-487e-bd1e-f9b895111210" target="_blank">moving average</a> 11852.44. Moving below that moving average and staying below would be more bearish.</p><p>For the S&P index, it is down -51.90 points or -1.25% at 4095.69. Its price is already below its 100 hour moving average of 4109.85. The price is also back below the 4100 level which was a key level going back to December 2022 (swing highs in December reach 4100.51 and 4100.96</p>

This article was written by Greg Michalowski at