EA Trend Line PRO

The EA trades on the signals of the Trend Line PRO indicator typically using the Take Profit, Stop Loss levels on any FX pairs, Gold, Index, Crypto The EA also has a powerful list of functions providing a stable profit as long as it is set up properly. The EA does not use a grid strategy, so 100 dollars or cents is enough to start trading As you remember from the settings of the Trend Line PRO indicator, the strategy trades three orders TP1, TP2, TP3 calculating the profit coefficient depending on the market volatility in the past. This is very convenient as the trading strategy adjusts to the traded symbol and the market at a certain time. But you can also set a fixed Take Profit and Stop Loss or use Trailing Stop. The EA implements the function of a limit (pending) order, which allows you to enter the market at a more favorable level if the price makes a short-term rollback. All this makes the Trend Line Expert Advisor a powerful tool on financial markets and greatly expands the capa

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