Trend Following, The Ranging Market Detector

Using a better indicator to scan for ranging markets: The "Ranging Market Detector" Needless to say, trend following is the best way of trading. Try otherwise and life becomes really frustrating. Besides, even as you follow the trend, it is also vital to avoid entering and a point of disadvantage when price is due for a significant retracement. Many indicators will help you when the price is trending but abandon you when things turn chaotic such as when the price is range bound or the retracement starts to look like a new trend. Our development team created an innovative approach to take care of these two scenarios: resulting to the Ranging Market Detector (MT4 indicator). Advantages 1. Cut Bad Trades significantly The indicator scans the market for the momentum and price and determines whether the market is ranging or trending. The Ranging Market Detector/scanning indicator will save you from embarrassing entries. See the chart below. 

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