Nova V6 EA MT5 -[Worth $1900]- Free Version

Hi Forex Wiki Friends, Nova V6 EA MT5 Description : THE MOST ADVANCED AUTOMATED TRADING SYSTEM CREATED TO THE MOMENT    IN A PERIOD OF 10 MONTHS THE NOVA V6 SYSTEM MANAGES TO RAISE CAPITAL FROM $ 3,000 TO $ 104,343 DOLLARS! 10 MONTH RESULT   IN A PERIOD OF 1 MONTH THE NOVA V6 SYSTEM MANAGES TO RAISE THE CAPITAL FROM $ 100 TO $ 1,315 DOLLARS! 1 MONTH RESULT     THE NOVA V6 CORE STRATEGY   Automatically establishes the Takeprofit, Stoploss and Investment Volume most appropriate for each operation, the Nova V6 performs a Machine Learning type calculation which is based on automatic […]
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