SFE Gold Fever EA-[Worth $1200]- Free Version

MAIN PARAMETERS Open long positions. 0: no 1: yes Open short positions. 0: no 1: yes Use M5 Timeframe. 0-no 1-yes Use M15 Timeframe. 0-no 1-yes Use M30 Timeframe. 0-no 1-yes Use H1 Timeframe. 0-no 1-yes Stop loss distance multiplier Take profit distance multiplier RISK PARAMETERS Autolot. Balance percentage to consider (between 0-200.0) Size OPTION 1. %risk/trade. Risk assumed in each position. Size OPTION 2. Fixed Order Size. Applies if Option 1 = 0 Max.Position. Limit in the number of positions for the symbol TIME PARAMETERS Allowed hours for open (ex: 14;15;16;17) If blank: all Allowed_Days=””; // Allowed days for […]
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