Pirate EA V 1.20 -[Cost $890]- Unlimited Free Version

Parameters MONEY_MANAGEMENT – use dynamic lot RISK – risk as a percentage of account free margin ORIGINAL_LOT – fixed lot if MONEY_MANAGEMENT=false ORDERS_BUY – the number of Buy positions opened at a time ORDERS_SELL – the number of Sell positions opened at a time TAKE_PROFIT – take profit value STOP_LOSS – stop loss value MAX_SPREAD_OPEN – the maximum allowable spread for opening positions START_TRADING – hour to start trading STOP_TRADING – hour to stop trading NOT_TRADE_NEWS – trade using the news filter INDENT_AFTER_NEWS_MINUTES – the filter is activated the specified number of minutes before a news release INDENT_BEFORE_NEWS_MINUTES – the filter is disabled after the specified number of minutes after a news release ENABLE_LIGHT_NEWS – […]