GerFX Breaking News Filter

Breaking News Filter The breaking news filter can trigger signals on three types of events: Breaking news detected by my webserver, for example aobut Brexit or a missile attack on Iran.  Spikes in relative tick density (RTD). Tick density here means the number of ticks per per minute. The RTD is then calculated by the average tick density of the last 30 minutes divided by the long-term average tick density. For each currency 3 pairs are used to calculate the average.  Extreme stock market movements, for example if the SP500 index goes down more than X percentage during the last 8 hours. There are two thresholds, one for the last 8 hours and one for the last 2 hours.  I use default settings in combination with my scalpers. The scalpers will try to read the SP500 percentage change from the global variables and act upon the value depending on the individual threshold of the pairs.   Settings

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