GerFX Night Scalper Setup

Guide IMPORTANT: Please contact me after buying or renting Density Scalper for the correct key paramter.  This blog post is meant to help to set up live trading and answer the most frequently asked questions. I will be using abbreviations NW for NightWalker EA, QFS for QuantFlow Scalper, DW for Delta Wave EA and DS for Density Scalper. Fixed lot size backtests of the current version can be found   attached to this blog post for   NightWalker EA , QuantFlow Scalper ,   Density Scalper , and   DeltaWave EA .  I use default settings (no set files) on my signals, except for GBP pairs (startHourGMTwinter=22 and halfRiskExceptSunday=true). All signals also use the    breaking news filter . I also use startHourGMTwinter=22 and half risk for GBP pairs for all my night scalpers. For NightWalker EA two charts are needed in this case, one with GBP and one with non-GBP pairs. Also some of the parameters depend on either risk settings or broker, the

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