Gann-Duras Indicator – Russian Trading Tool -[Cost $350]- Free Unlimited Version

Hi Dear Forex Wiki, Gann-Duras Indicator Descreption : The Gann-duras indicator for MT4 includes tools for building FVG-GANN 1.0-5.0 on all trading systems of Nikolai Yeremeyev . Plus, improved versions: the Color Levels panel for building graphic objects and the Vadimcha channel indicator . I did not embed the Mandelbrot grid and Gann reversal dates in the indicator. And also there are no various unnecessary additions from the original Eremeev indicator.  Constructing vibration zones FVG-Gann 1. Various additional settings for convenience. Several options for displaying an information window or a line with vibrations. It is possible to select a period for calculating vibrations. Those. You can more accurately select vibrations for certain characters. Additional tools from FVG-Gann 2 […]

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